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Selection Object

You can get a reference to the current selection in RadEditor by using its getSelection method.

The Selection object exposes the following public methods and properties to control its behavior:

Selection Client-Side Methods

Name Parameters Return Type Description
collapse Boolean Collapses a selection to the starting or ending position.The method takes the following arguments: toStart - The direction in which to collapse the selection. If true the selection will collapse from end to start.
getBrowserSelection Object Returns the browser's Selection object
getHtml String Returns the selection's content as HTML
getParentElement Element Returns a reference to the selection's parent DOM element
getRange Object Returns a reference to a range object
getText String Returns the selected content as plain text
isControl Boolean Specifies whether the current selection is a control or not.
moveToElementText Element Recreates the selection range.The method takes the following arguments: element - DOM element to be selected.
pasteHtml String, Boolean Pastes string at current selectionThe method takes the following arguments: htmlString - String to be pasted bSelContent - Specifies whether to select pasted content after execution
selectElement Element Adds an element to current selectionThe method takes the following arguments: oElement - DOM element to be added
selectRange Object Selects the previously stored rangeThe method takes the following arguments: **range
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