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Localize Buttons, ToolTips, etc

RadEditor is fully localized from resource files placed in the App_GlobalResources folder. You can localize all standard and custom editor buttons from the localization resource files. For each new custom tool added in the ToolsFile.xml or programmatically through the code-behind, add a new entry to theRadEditor.Tools.resx file having the same ID as the tool name:

The tools can be defined through the ToolsFile.xml, added declaratively or programmatically at run-time. The critical detail is that the tool name must match the Name column in the resource file.

    <tools name="MainToolbar" enabled="true" >    
        <tool name="Custom1" shortcut="CTRL+1" />  
<telerik:RadEditor RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadEditor1" runat="server">
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Custom1" ShortCut="CTRL+1" />
EditorToolGroup main = new EditorToolGroup();
EditorTool custom1 = new EditorTool();
custom1.Name = "Custom1";
custom1.ShortCut = "CTRL+1";

Dim main As New EditorToolGroup()
Dim custom1 As New EditorTool()
custom1.Name = "Custom1"
custom1.ShortCut = "CTRL+1"

When you run the application, the new button will display with the string from the resource file Value column for that tool:


Defining the "Text" of the tool will override the text from the resource file.

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