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Keyboard Support

A critical requirement for software accessibility is keyboard support as a complete alternative to pointing devices (mouse, etc.).

Keyboard support is comprised of command key, focus key, and keyboard navigation. RadDropDownList will seamlessly switch between mouse and keyboard navigation.

In order to configure keyboard support with RadDropDownList its KeyboardNaviagationSettings should be set:


Certain keyboard combinations are reserved and used as shortcuts in the browsers.

<telerik:RadDropDownList ID="RadDropDownList1" runat="server" >
    <KeyboardNavigationSettings CommandKey="Alt" FocusKey="M" />

Keyboard Navigation

  • CommandKey + FocusKey (for example Alt + M) focuses the RadDropDownList. dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-focus

  • The Alt + Down arrow opens the drop-down list. dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-open

  • The PageUp or PageDown scroll to the previous/next portion of items in the dropdown.dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-navigationpage

  • The Up and Down arrow keys allow the user to navigate along the items in the dropdown in the corresponding direction.dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-navigation

  • The Enter key selects the current item in the list.dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-select

  • Typing a letter moves focus to the next instance of a visible item, whose text begins with that letter.dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-highlightnextelement

  • Typing a sequence of letters moves focus to the first matched item, whose text starts with that sequence.dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-highlightmatchingelement

  • The Alt + Up arrow or Esc closes the dropdown.dropdownlist-accessibilityandinternalization-keyboardsupport-open

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