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DropTarget Client-Side APIs

Get Client-Side Reference

DropTarget Markup Definition

<telerik:RadDropTarget runat="server" ID="RadDropTarget1">

JavaScript to Get Reference to RadDraggable

    function DropTargetClientSideReference() {
        let dropTarget; // Client-Side Object
        let dropTargetElement; // HTML element

        // Client-Side Object using $find()
        dropTarget = $find('<%= RadDraggable1.ClientID%>');

        // Client-Side Object using $telerik.findControl()
        dropTarget = $telerik.findControl(document, "RadDropTarget1");

        // If using jQuery, or just JavaScript to find the Element itself, there are two steps to get client-side reference

        // Step 1: Get the HTML element

        // Find the element using $get()
        dropTargetElement = $get('<%= RadDropTarget1.ClientID%>');

        // Find the element using jQuery.
        // Note that "$telerik.$()" is the same as "$()" or "jQuery()"
        dropTargetElement = $telerik.$('[id$=RadDropTarget1]')[0]; // same as $('[id$=RadDraggable1]')[0]; or jQuery('[id$=RadDraggable1]')[0]

        // Find the Element using QuerySelector
        dropTargetElement = document.querySelector('[id$=RadDropTarget1]');

        // Step 2: call the ".control" property on the HTML element which will return the Client-Side object
        dropTarget = dropTargetElement.control;

Public Getter Properties

Property Return Type Description
get_elements() jQuery Collection of Elements Returns a jQuery collection of elements satisfying the selector defined in TargetSelectors.
get_kendoWidget() Kendo.ui.DropTarget Returns the Kendo UI DropTarget widget created for the RadDropTarget control.
get_group() string Returns a string representation of the group assigned to the control. The default group is "default".

Public Setter Properties

Property Parameters Description
set_group() string Sets the group value for the RadDropTarget.
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