The OnPopupOpening client-side event handler is called just before a popup calendar is initialized to the current selection in the input area and then displayed.

The event handler receives two arguments:

  1. the object that fired the event.

  2. an event arguments object that exposes the following methods:OnPopupOpening event arguments object

Name Return Type Arguments Description
get_popupControl() RadCalendar client-side object Returns the client object for the time view or calendar that is about to be displayed.
set_cancelCalendarSynchronization(value) bool Lets you prevent the popup control from synchronizing its value to the value in the input area.
set_cancel(value) bool Lets you prevent the popup from appearing.

The following example uses the OnPopupOpening event to initialize the selection if the input area is empty:

<telerik:RadDatePicker RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadDatePicker1" runat="server">
    <Calendar DayNameFormat="FirstLetter"
    <ClientEvents OnPopupOpening="popupOpening" />
function popupOpening(sender, eventArgs) {
    if (sender.isEmpty()) {

        var popup = eventArgs.get_popupControl();
        var todaysDate;
        var todayTriplet;

        if (popup.get_selectedDates().length == 0) {
            todaysDate = new Date();
            todayTriplet = [todaysDate.getFullYear(), todaysDate.getMonth() + 1, todaysDate.getDate()];
            popup.selectDate(todayTriplet, true);

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