By default all controls in Telerik controls for ASP.NET.AJAX suite take a new polished look and feel which is consistent across the whole product line.

All resources (scripts, skins, etc.) are implemented as Embedded WebResources in ASP.NET 3.x/4.x for a very easy and convenient deployment. The only thing you now need to do is drag Telerik RadDataPager for ASP.NET AJAX from your toolbox onto your web page (no external files will be required) and Telerik RadDataPager will use its default skin.

Below is a set of some of the Telerik RadDataPager skins: RadDataPager Skins

The Material skin is available for the Lightweight RenderMode only. If you experience visual issues with it, make sure your controls are not using the default Classic mode.

RadDataPager CSS classes

The HTML rendering and CSS classes of the RadDataPager fields are similar to those of the RadGrid pager item.

CSS class Description
RadDataPager applied to the control's wrapper, does not depend on the skin name
RadDataPager_Skin applied to the control's wrapper, depends on the skin name
rdpWrap applied to a field wrapper
rdpNumPart applied to the numeric RadDataPagerButtonField wrapper
rdpCurrentPage applied to the current page number in the numeric RadDataPagerButtonField
rdpPagerButton applied to buttons, e.g. the "Go to page" button
rdpPagerLabel applied to labels
rdpPageFirst applied to the "first page" button
rdpPagePrev applied to the "previous page" button
rdpPageNext applied to the "next page" button
rdpPageLast applied to the "last page" button

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