Using Amazon SDK v2 in version Q1 2017 and later

As specified in the Changes and Backwards Compatibility article, as from Q1 2017 the RadCloudUpload is internally referencing version 3 of the Amazon SDK for .NET. In order to do so, we are internally referencing the new version in a hardcoded fashion. The referenced dlls are AWSSDK.Core.dll and AWSSDK.S3.dll.

However, if you need to keep on using the previously referenced to Amazon SDK v2 in version Q1 2017 or later, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Download the source code of the TelerikĀ® UI for ASP.NET AJAX from your account.

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  2. Navigate to Telerik_UI_for_ASP.NET_AJAX_Source\Telerik.Web.UI\CloudUpload\RadCloudUpload.cs. Find amazonAssemblyName private field and change the value as demonstrated below:

    Replace the private string amazonAssemblyName value with "AWSSDK.Core";

    After the change, the amazonAssemblyName private field should look like this:

    public partial class RadCloudUpload : RadWebControl, ILocalizableControl
    #region Private Members
        private static readonly object CloudUploadedFile = new object();
        internal FileListPanelSettings _panelSettings = null;
        private CloudUploadLocalization _localization;
        private string amazonAssemblyName = "AWSSDK.Core";
  3. Use the instructions in the Telerik_UI_for_ASP.NET_AJAX_Source, in order to build the source code. Once the code is built with the above-described change, you can add and reference the generated assemblies in your project and continue using Amazin SDK v2.

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