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Limit the Number of the Uploaded Files

Common case is the need to limit the maximum number of files that can be uploaded. This article shows step by step how to create a custom limitation.

Limit the Number of the Uploaded Files

  1. Add new RadCloudUpload control.

  2. Set MultipleFileSelection property to true to enable Multi File Selection.

  3. Handle OnClientFilesSelecting event.

<telerik:RadCloudUpload ID="RadCloudUpload1" runat="server" ProviderType="Azure" OnClientFilesSelecting="onClientFilesSelecting" MultipleFileSelection="Automatic">
//Limit the number of the uploaded files.
function onClientFilesSelecting(sender, args) {
    var uploadedFilesCount = sender.get_uploadedFiles().length;
    var selectedFilesCount = args.get_count();

    if (selectedFilesCount > 5 || (uploadedFilesCount + selectedFilesCount > 5)) {
        alert('You can upload up to 5 files.');

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