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RadCloudUpload Object

The following table lists the important RadCloudUpload client-side methods:


Name Parameters Return Type Description
get_localization none Localization Object Accessing the Localization, you could easily find the predefined localization settings.(see ex.1)
set_enabled none boolean Sets the Enabled state of the RadCloudUpload.(see ex.2)
get_uploadedFiles none Array Returns an array of the successfully uploaded files.(see ex.3)

Example 1

function getLocalizationInfo() {
    var cloudUpload = $find("<%= RadCloudUpload1.ClientID %>"),
        localization = cloudUpload.get_localization();
    alert("SelectButtonText is \"" +
            localization.SelectButtonText + "\" and SizeValidationFailedMessage is \"" +
            localization.SizeValidationFailedMessage + "\"");

Example 2

function manageEnabledState(value) {
    var cloudUpload = $find("<%= RadCloudUpload1.ClientID %>");

Example 3

function getUploadedFilesCount() {
    var cloudUpload = $find("<%= RadCloudUpload1.ClientID %>"),
        uploadedFiles = cloudUpload.get_uploadedFiles(),
        uploadedFilesCount = uploadedFiles.length;
    alert("Uploaded Files count is " + uploadedFilesCount);
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