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The OnClientFileUploadRemoving occurs before the file is about to be removed from the FileListPanel. The event can be cancelled.

The event handler receives two parameters:

  1. The instance of the RadCloudUpload control firing the event.

  2. An eventArgs parameter containing the following methods:

  • set_cancel lets you prevent the row from being deleted.

  • get_fileName the name of the file that is about to be removed from the uploaded files collection.

  • get_row returns the row containing the file input field for the file that is just about to be removed (<LI> element)

  • get_isFailed returns a boolean value, specifying if the file, which is about to be removed had passed the validation.

<telerik:RadCloudUpload runat="server" ID="RadCloudUpload1" OnClientFileUploadRemoving="onClientFileUploadRemoving" ...>
function onClientFileUploadRemoving(sender, eventArgs) {
    if (eventArgs.get_fileName().length > "10") {
        alert("Cannot delete files, which name's length is larger then 10 symbols");

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