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Getting Started Overview

This tutorial will walk you through creating a Web page that uses RadCalendar controls. It shows how to:

  • Use the RadCalendar control.

  • Apply skins to change the overall look and feel of the controls.

  • Apply styles to tweak the appearance of the controls.

  • Configure the selection and navigation behavior of the RadCalendar control.

  • Add messages to appear when nothing is entered in RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker and RadTimePicker.

  • Specify formats for display and editing.

Adding a RadCalendar control

  1. Drag a RadCalendar control from the toolbox onto your Web Page. Its Smart Tag should appear automatically: Showing the RadCalendar Smart Tag

  2. In the RadCalendar Smart Tag, choose "Outlook" from the Skin drop-down: Choosing skin for the RadCalendar control

  3. In the designer, right-click the RadCalendar control and select Properties from its context menu: Opening the Properties pane

  4. In the properties pane for the RadCalendar control, the Appearance section contains a number of properties with names that end in "Style". These Style properties let you tweak the appearance of different parts of the RadCalendar control, further customizing it beyond the effects of the chosen skin. Expand the section for Calendar TableStyle. This is the default style for the main grid of the calendar. Change the BackColor property to #DDEEFF. This gives the calendar grid a light blue background: Customizing appearance

  5. In the Dates Management section of the properties pane, click the ellipsis button next to the SelectedDates property: Managing dates

  6. The RadDate Collection Editor appears, where you can specify a set of dates as the initial selection for the RadCalendar control. In the RadDate Collection Editor, click the Add button to add a date. In the properties pane on the right, click the drop-down next to the Date property, and select a date from the pop-up calendar control. Click the Add button again to add another date,and assign another value to its Date property. When you have added as many dates as you want, click OK to accept the collection of selected dates: Pre-selecting dates

  7. Set the EnableNavigationAnimation property to True. This causes the RadCalendar control to display animated effects when the user changes the current month using the navigation controls in the title bar: Enabling navigation animation

  8. Set the EnableViewSelector property to True. This adds a control to the upper left corner of the grid portion of the calendar control for selecting all visible days in the grid. Enabling the view selector

  9. Set the ShowOtherMonthDays property to False. This configures RadCalendar so that it only displays dates for the current month. Setting ShowOtherMonthDays property

Running the application

  1. Run the application. When it first starts up, the RadCalendar control shows multiple selected dates, reflecting the value you set for the SelectedDates property. The RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker and RadTimePicker controls all show their empty messages, because no value has been assigned yet. All four controls reflect the "Outlook" skin. On top of that, the RadCalendar control uses the background color you set using the CalendarTableStyle property, and it does not display any days for the non-current month: RadCalendar

  2. Click the view selector control in the upper left corner of the RadCalendar control.The entire month becomes selected: Selecting a month

  3. Click the navigation controls in the title bar of the RadCalendar control,and note the animated effect as the month changes: Navigating the RadCalendar control

  4. Scroll the popup calendar on the RadDatePicker control using the navigation controls in its title bar. Note that you cannot navigate before the minimum date you have specified or after the maximum date.

  5. Select a date and time value for each of the controls. Note the formatting changes depending on whether the controls have focus.

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