The OnColumnHeaderClick client-side event handler is called when the user is about to select a column of dates by clicking on a column header. The event occurs only if the ShowColumnHeaders and UseColumnHeadersAsSelectors properties are set to true.

The event handler receives two arguments:

  1. the RadCalendar object that fired the event.

  2. an event arguments object that exposes the following methods:OnColumnHeaderClick event arguments object

Name Return Type Arguments Description
get_index() int Returns the 1-based index of the column that was clicked.
get_domElement() HTML element Returns the DOM element for the column header that was clicked.
set_cancel(value) bool Lets you prevent the click from selecting the column of dates.

The following example uses the OnColumnHeaderClick event to confirm the selection:

<telerik:RadCalendar RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadCalendar1" runat="server">
    <ClientEvents OnColumnHeaderClick="confirmColumnSelection" />
function confirmColumnSelection(sender, eventArgs) {
    var msg = "Do you want to change the selection for column " + eventArgs.get_index();
    var title = eventArgs.get_domElement().title;

    if (title != "") {
        msg = msg + " (" + title + ")";

    msg = msg + "?";

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