RadAjaxPanel Object

The following table lists significant methods of the RadAjaxPanel client-side object:


Name Parameters Return Type Description
get_ajaxSettings none array of objects Returns an array of settings where each object has properties for the InitControlID and another array of UpdatedControls.
get_defaultLoadingPanelID none string Returns the DefaultLoadingPanelID.
get_enableAJAX none boolean True if AJAX is enabled.
get_enableHistory none boolean True if browser history is enabled during AJAX requests.
set_ajaxSettings array of objects none Sets the array of objects representing the AjaxSettings.
set_defaultLoadingPanelID string none Sets the DefaultLoadingPanelID
set_enableAJAX boolean none Allows or blocks the request to be executed through AJAX. Pass True to allow AJAX, False to have the request fulfilled through a standard postback.
set_enableHistory boolean none Allows browser history during AJAX requests. Pass True to allow browser history during AJAX requests.


        <script type="text/javascript">
            var ajaxPanel = $find("<%= RadAjaxPanel1.ClientID %>");
            var settings = ajaxPanel.get_ajaxSettings();
            var settingsList = '';
            for (setting in settings) {
                var initiatingControl = settings[setting].InitControlID;
                var controls = settings[setting].UpdatedControls;
                var controlList = '';
                for (control in controls) {
                    controlList += ' ' + controls[control].ControlID;
                settingsList += '\nInitiated by: ' + initiatingControl + '\nUpdated Controls: ' + controlList;
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