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RadAjaxManager Object

The RadAjaxManager client-side object provides a set of significant properties an dmethods for client-side programming.

The following table lists the RadAjaxManager properties and methods.

Name Parameters Return Type Description
ajaxRequest string none Initiates an AJAX request that fires the AjaxRequest event on the server.
ajaxRequestWithTarget string, string none Simulates a postback/AJAX request initiated from a control with a specified UniqueID.
get_ajaxSettings none array of objects Returns an array of settings where each object has properties for the InitControlID and another array of UpdatedControls.
get_defaultLoadingPanelID none string Returns the DefaultLoadingPanelID.
get_enableAJAX none boolean True if AJAX is enabled.
get_enableHistory none boolean True if the browser history is enabled during AJAX requests.
set_ajaxSettings array of objects none Sets the array of objects representing the AjaxSettings.
set_defaultLoadingPanelID string none Sets the DefaultLoadingPanelID.
set_enableAJAX boolean none Enables or disable AJAX for the AJAX initiator. Pass true to enable AJAX, or false to have the subsequent requests performed as standard postbacks.
set_enableHistory boolean none Allows the browser history during AJAX requests. Pass true to allow browser history during AJAX requests.

The following example demonstrates how to use the get_ajaxSettings configuration.

<script type="text/javascript">
    function myFunction() {
        var ajaxManager = $find("<%= RadAjaxManager1.ClientID %>");
        var settings = ajaxManager.get_ajaxSettings();
        var settingsList = '';

        for (setting in settings) {
            var initiatingControl = settings[setting].InitControlID;
            var controls = settings[setting].UpdatedControls;
            var controlList = '';

            for (control in controls) {
                controlList += ' ' + controls[control].ControlID;
            settingsList += '\nInitiated by: ' + initiatingControl + '\nUpdated Controls: ' + controlList;

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