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Represents a control which is capable of displaying images from a binary data

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • System.Web.UI.Control
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl
  • Telerik.Web.UI.RadBinaryImage


AlternateText String

Gets or sets the alternate text displayed in the Image control when the image
is unavailable. Browsers that support the ToolTips feature display this text as
a ToolTip.

AutoAdjustImageControlSize Boolean

Specifies if the HTML image element's dimensions are inferred from image's binary data

CropPosition BinaryImageCropPosition

Specifies the crop position will use when cropping the image.
This property has a meaning only when the ResizeMode property is set to BinaryImageResizeMode.Crop.
Default value is BinaryImageCropPosition.Center.

DataValue Byte[]

Gets or sets binary data to which control will be bound to

DescriptionUrl String

The URL for the file that contains a detailed description for the image. The
default is an empty string ("").

EnableAriaSupport Boolean

When set to true enables support for WAI-ARIA

Filters BinaryImageFilterCollection

Contains collections of which will be applied to image's data

GenerateEmptyAlternateText String

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control generates an alternate text
attribute for an empty string value. The default value is false

HttpHandlerUrl String

Specifies the URL of the HTTPHandler from which the image will be served

ImageAlign ImageAlign

Gets or sets the alignment of the control in relation to other elements on
the Web page.

ImagePersister IRadImagePersister

Gets the instance which is responsible for
saving and loading image's data


This should be an instance of same type as
's ImagePersister

ImageUrl String

Gets or sets the location of an image to display in the


Applicable only when property is not set.

PersistDataIfNotVisible Boolean

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the image data will
be persisted if control is invisible

ResizeMode BinaryImageResizeMode

Specifies the resize mode that will use to resize the image.
Default value is BinaryImageResizeMode.None, indicating no resizing will be performed.

SavedImageName String

Get or set the name of the file which will appear inside of the SaveAs
browser dialog

TagKey HtmlTextWriterTag

Gets the value that corresponds
to this Web server control. This property is used primarily by control

VisibleWithoutSource Boolean

Set whenever to render tag when the image src is empty string.
Default value is true.



Adds HTML attributes and styles that need to be rendered to the specified
. This method is used primarily
by control developers.


writer System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter

A that
represents the output stream to render HTML content on the client.




Binds a data source to the invoked server control and all its child




Saves any state that was modified after the
method was


System.Object An object that contains the current view state of the control; otherwise, if
there is no view state associated with the control, null.

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