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PivotGridFieldRenderingControl allows you to control how the field is rendered.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • System.Web.UI.Control
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl
  • System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompositeControl
  • Telerik.Web.UI.PivotGridFieldRenderingControl


ContextMenuButton Button

Gets or sets the context menu button which will show a context menu
when ConfigurationPanelSettings
EnableFieldsContextMenu is set to true and the field is placed in the

ID String

Server ID of the control

OwnerField PivotGridField

Owner RadPivotGridField

ShowHideCheckBox CheckBox

Gets or sets the
control which shows\hides the field.

SortIcon Button

Sort icon button

SortLinkButton LinkButton

Sort link button

SortLinkIcon LinkButton

Sort link icon

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