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The settings are associated with Telerik.Web.UI.PivotGridConfigurationPanel and determines its behavior and enabled functionalities.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.StateManager : IMarkableStateManager, IStateManager
  • Telerik.Web.UI.PivotGridConfigurationPanelSettings


DefaultDeferedLayoutUpdate Boolean

Gets or sets if the defered layout update is enabled which
determines if the changes will be applied after every operation or
only when clicking the Update button.

EnableDragDrop Boolean

Gets or sets if the drag drop in the configuration panel
will be enabled.

EnableFieldsContextMenu Boolean

Gets or sets if a context menu will be displayed when
right clicking fields in the configuration panel.

EnableOlapTreeViewLoadOnDemand Boolean

Gets or sets a value indicating if the will use a
Load-on-demand to load its nodes.

FlattenOlapUncategoriezedFields Boolean

Gets or sets a value indicating if all uncategorized fields coming from OLAP cube will be put under category folder or rendered directly as children

LayoutType PivotGridConfigurationPanelLayoutType

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the row header zone of the pivotgrid will be

OlapUncategorizedFolderName String

The name of category under which all uncategorized fields are put.

Position PivotGridConfigurationPanelPosition

Gets or set a value indicating where the ConfigurationPanel will be
places relative to the pivot grid.

ShowHideCheckBoxToolTip String

ToolTip that would appear over the fields' checkboxes

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