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Represents an Telerik.Web.UI.OrgChartNode OrgChartNodein the Telerik.Web.UI.RadOrgChart RadOrgChartcontrol.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.UI.OrgChartNode : IDisposable, IOrgChartNodeContainer, IOrgChartRendererContainer, IXmlSerializable


Collapsed Boolean

Gets or sets whether the Node to be collapsed/expand


The property takes effect if EnableCollapsing property of the RadOrgChart is set to true.

ColumnCount Int32

Gets or sets the number of columns in the Node's visualization.


Simply breaks the single-line presentation of the group in RadOrgChart on multiple lines.

Container OrgChartNodeCollection

Gets the Node collection containing the current Node.


The collection containing the current Node.

CssClass String

Gets or sets the CSS class of the OrgChartNode.


The set CSS class is rendered additionally to the Node.

GroupCollapsed Boolean

Gets or sets whether the GroupItems of the Node to be collapsed/expand


The property takes effect if EnableGroupCollapsing property of the RadOrgChart is set to true.

GroupItems OrgChartGroupItemCollection

Gets or sets OrgChartNode'sGroupItem collection.


Collection of all GroupItems in the Node.

HasNodesForLoad OrgChartNodeCollection

Gets or set whether the Node has nodes for load


Used to determine if the Node is the last and to render an expand/collapse arrow on it in web service binding

ID String

Gets the value of the data field ID of the currently bound Node.

ItemTemplate ITemplate

Gets or sets Template for all contained GroupItems.


When a template is set, it is applied for all items in the Node, which doesn't have a template set.

Level Int32

Gets the depth level of the Node towards the RadOrgChart.


When the Node is not added in RadOrgChart, the level is -1.

Nodes OrgChartNodeCollection

Gets a collection of the direct child Nodes of the current.

Parent IOrgChartNodeContainer

Gets Node's parent in the hierarchy (OrgChartNode/RadOrgChart).

RenderedFields OrgChartRenderedFieldCollection

Gets OrgChartRenderedFieldCollection for theNode.

Renderer OrgChartNodeRendererBase

Gets the Renderer for OrgChartNode.



Synchronize Renderer's properties during OnPreRender stage.



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