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Creates an item which is used in a box plot.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.StateManager : IMarkableStateManager, IStateManager
  • Telerik.Web.UI.HtmlChart.PlotArea.Series.SeriesItems.SeriesItemBase
  • Telerik.Web.UI.BoxPlotSeriesItem


BackgroundColor Color

Specifies the background color of the series item

Lower Nullable1`

Specifies the lower value of the data.

Mean Nullable1`

Specifies the mean value of the data.

Median Nullable1`

Specifies the value of the median.

Outliers OutliersCollection

Specifies the outliers of the box plot item.

Q1 Nullable1`

Specifies the value of the first quartile.

Q3 Nullable1`

Specifies the value of the third quartile.

Upper Nullable1`

Specifies the upper value of the data.

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