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A Type 0 font is a composite font whose glyphs are obtained from a
font like object called a CIDFont (a descendant font).


All versions of the PDF specification up to and including version 1.4
only support a single descendant font.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Pdf.PdfObject
  • Telerik.Pdf.PdfDictionary : IEnumerable
  • Telerik.Pdf.PdfFont
  • Telerik.Pdf.PdfType0Font


Descendant PdfCIDFont

Sets the descendant font.

Encoding PdfName

Sets a value representing the character encoding.

Name PdfName

Returns the internal name used for this font.

ToUnicode PdfCMap

Sets the stream containing a CMap that maps character codes to
unicode values.

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