Gauges: Animations

Built in animations

RadGaugeView has built in animations that allows animating its indicators. Turning the animations on is as easy as setting 2 properties. You shoud use setAnimated() setter of an indicator to allow the animations and then use setAnimationDuration which, as its name says, is used to set the duration of the animation.

needle.Animated = true;
needle.AnimationDuration = 500;

You can also set a timing function using TimeInterpolator.

needle.setInterpolator(new AccelerateDecelerateInterpolator());
needle.Interpolator = new AccelerateDecelerateInterpolator();

After the indicator's animations are turned on, when a change in its value occurs runtime, the indicator will be animated from the previous to the new value. It is also possible to set a value from which the animations start every time the value is changed. This can be achieved through indicator's setAnimationStartValue().