RadAutoCompleteTextView: Display Modes

RadAutoCompleteTextView has two predefined display modes.

Display mode can be changed with the setDisplayMode method of the RadAutoCompleteTextView. The default value is DisplayMode.PLAIN.

this.autocomplete.DisplayMode = DisplayMode.Tokens;

Plain mode

In plain mode RadAutoCompleteTextView displays chosen item as plain text. When this mode only one item can be chosen.


Tokens mode

Tokens mode allows multiple choice of items. Chosen items are displayed as tokens which can be modified or completely changed with custom ones.


When RadAutoCompleteTextView is working in DisplayMode.TOKENS, you can apply two different behaviors for token arrangment.

The layout mode of the tokens can be changed with the setLayoutMode method of the RadAutoCompleteTextView. The default value is DisplayMode.WRAP.

this.autocomplete.TokensLayoutMode = LayoutMode.Horizontal;

Wrap layout

In wrap mode tokens are arranged on multiple lines. Every time a new line is started the RadAutoCompleteTextView is expanding in order to show all tokens. When expand limit is reached the RadAutoCompleteTextView stops exapding and allows only scrolling. The expand limit can be set with the setMaximumWrapHeight method of the autocomplete. Default value is three times the initial height of the RadAutoCompleteTextView.


Horizontal layout

In horizontal layout tokens are displayed on single line which can be scrolled horizontally in order to display all tokens.