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TablePropertiesEditor Methods

The TablePropertiesEditor type exposes the following members.

Public methodChangeTableRowHeight
Changes the height of the table row.
Public methodChangeTableRowRepeatOnEveryPage
Changes the table row repeat on every page property.
Public methodClearAllTableCellBorders
Clears all cell borders of the current table.
Public methodClearCommands
Clears all the commands.
Public methodClearSelectedCellBorders
Clears all adjacent cell borders of the currently selected cells.
Public methodExecuteCommands
Executes all the commands.
Public methodGetCurrentTable
Public methodGetGridColumnWidth
Gets the width of the grid column.
Public methodGetTargetCells
Gets selected cells, or current cell if there isn't selection.
Public methodSelectTableColumn
Selects the table column.
Public methodSelectTableRow
Selects the table row.
Public methodSetGridColumnWidth
Sets the width of the grid column.
Public methodSetTableBorders
Sets the target cells borders.
Public methodSetTableCellSpacing
Changes the spacing between cells.
Public methodSetTableDefaultCellPadding
Changes the table cells default padding.
Public methodSetTableFlowDirection
Changes the table flow direction.
Public methodSetTableHorizontalAlignment
Public methodSetTableIndent
Changes the table indent.
Public methodSetTableWidth
Changes the width of the table.
Public methodSetTargetCellsBackground
Sets the target cells background.
Public methodSetTargetCellsBorders
Sets the target cells borders.
Public methodSetTargetCellsContentAlignment
Changes the table cell content alignment.
Public methodSetTargetCellsPadding
Changes the table cell padding.
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