SettingsPaneView Fields
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SettingsPaneView Fields

The SettingsPaneView type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberContainerEditItemTypeProperty
Identifies the ContainerEditType attached property.
Public fieldStatic memberContainerEditPropertyProperty
Identifies the ContainerEditProperty attached property.
Public fieldStatic memberCurrentEditTypeProperty
The type of the edited objects - shapes/connections or both.
Public fieldStatic memberEditorFallbackPropertyNameProperty
Identifies the EditorFallbackPropertyName dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberEditorPropertyNameProperty
Identifies the EditorPropertyName dependency property. It indicates the property of the shape/connection/container shape which will be affected by the value of the EditorValue property.
Public fieldStatic memberEditorTypeItemProperty
Identifies the EditorItemType dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberEditorValueProperty
Identifies the EditorValue dependency property. It indicates which property of the editor will be used for editing the shape/connection/container shape.
Public fieldStatic memberIsRadioButtonPanelProperty
Identifies the IsRadioButtonPanel attached property.
Public fieldStatic memberRadioButtonValueProperty
Identifies the RadioButtonValue attached property.
Public fieldStatic memberRegisterContainerEvent
This event fires when a control that edits a property of a shape/connection is loaded.
Public fieldStatic memberRegisterEditorEvent
This event fires when a control that edits a property of a shape/connection is loaded.
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