Data Access has been discontinued. Please refer to this page for more information.

Toolbar and Statusbar

This topic provides an overview of the toolbar commands and the statusbar information in the Telerik Data Access Profiler dialog.

Toolbar Commands

The profiler toolbar (shown on the image below) provides the following commands:

The toolbar commands are (from left to right):

  • Connect To - connects the Telerik Data Access Profiler to a Telerik Data Access implemented web service for real-time monitoring.
  • Open Folder - opens specially generated binary files for offline monitoring.
  • Save Profiler Data - allows you to store your trace data locally for analysis.
  • Settings - opens the Profiler Settings Dialog.
  • Clear Profiler Windows - resets the profiler environment.
  • Start, Pause, Stop Monitoring - allows you to start, pause or stop the real-time monitoring.
  • Navigate to SQL Query - allows you to navigate to the related SQL query in the SQL Events grid.
  • Navigate to LINQ/API Call - allows you to navigate to the LINQ/API Event in your code that executes the current SQL query.
  • Show/Hide Filter Options - shows/hides the filtering options.
  • About - opens the about dialog.
  • Events View - opens the Events View.
  • Metrics View - opens the Metrics View.


At the bottom part of the screen, you can find information about the number of metrics and events that have been loaded. Also, there is information about any errors and warnings.

Positioning your mouse over the Warning/Error icon will give you information about the number of warnings/errors.

Clicking the Warning/Error icon will open the Error Dialog where you could find information about the problems.