Data Access has been discontinued. Please refer to this page for more information.


The MetaMember holds information about the fields and properties of the persistent classes. Each MetaPersistentType has a list of MetaMember objects that define the shape and characteristics of data that a persistent class instance will contain. There are two types of members that can be declared in any MetaType - MetaPrimitiveMember and MetaNavigationMember. Via the MetaMember object, you could get access to the following information:

  • DeclaringType - the type on which this member is declared.
  • IsArtificial - gets whether this field is marked as artificial.
  • DataAccessKind - describes the type of access to the data. It could be InsertOnly, ReadOnly or ReadWrite.
  • NullValueBehavior - the behavior of the member in case null value is assigned to it. It could be Exception or None.
  • MemberAccessModifier - gets the access modifier for the member. It could be Public, Assembly, Private, Family or FamilyOrAssembly.
  • MemberInheritanceModifier - gets the inheritance modifier for the member. It could be None, Abstract or Final.
  • MemberType - the type of the member.