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Retrieving Members Based On Their State

Sometimes it can be useful to find exactly which properties for a given entity have been changed. The OpenAccessContext class exposes the GetMemberNames method, which returns a collection of members' names for a given instance based on the provided member state.

using (FluentModel dbContext = new FluentModel())
   Category category = dbContext.Categories.FirstOrDefault();
   category.CategoryName = "New Category Name";

   IEnumerable<string> modifiedMembers = dbContext.GetMemberNames(category, 
Using dbContext As New FluentModel()
    Dim _category As Category = dbContext.Categories.FirstOrDefault()
    _category.CategoryName = "New Category Name"

    Dim modifiedMembers As IEnumerable(Of String) = dbContext.GetMemberNames(_category, 
End Using

The ObjectState argument can have the following values:

  • Clean - the property is not modified.
  • Dirty - the property is modified.
  • NotLoaded - the property is not loaded from the database.
  • New - when you initialize a new instance and add it to the context, all properties are in state New.
  • Deleted - when you pass an existing category to the Delete method of the context, all properties are in state Deleted.