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How to: Trace SQL Statements Generated by OpenAccessContext

Telerik Data Access has an integrated mechanism for tracing and logging the communication between the application and the database server. In order to use the tracing and logging mechanism of the OpenAccessContext, you should initialize the OpenAccessContext's Log property.

using (FluentModel dbContext = new FluentModel())
   dbContext.Log = new StringWriter();
Using dbContext As New FluentModel()
 dbContext.Log = New StringWriter()
End Using

In the following example Load, Insert and Update operations are performed. Finally, the OpenAccessContext's SaveChanges method is invoked. Note that a new StringWriter instance is created and set to the OpenAccessContext's Log property.

System.IO.StringWriter output = new System.IO.StringWriter();
using (FluentModel dbContext = new FluentModel())
   dbContext.Log = output;

   // Load
   Customer customer = dbContext.Customers.First(c => c.CustomerID == "ALFKI");

   // Update
   customer.Fax = "[newFax]";

   // Insert
   Customer newCustomer = new Customer();
   newCustomer.CustomerID = "MyId";
   newCustomer.CompanyName = "MyCompany";


Dim output As New IO.StringWriter()
Using dbContext As New FluentModel()
 dbContext.Log = output

 ' Load
 Dim _customer As Customer = dbContext.Customers.First(Function(c) c.CustomerID = "ALFKI")

 ' Update
 _customer.Fax = "[newFax]"

 ' Insert
 Dim newCustomer As New Customer()
 newCustomer.CustomerID = "MyId"
 newCustomer.CompanyName = "MyCompany"


End Using

Finally, the result of the output.ToString() method should be similar to this:

SELECT  TOP(??T) a.[CustomerID] AS COL1, a.[Address] AS COL2, a.[City] AS COL3, 
a.[CompanyName] AS COL4, a.[ContactName] AS COL5, a.[ContactTitle] AS COL6, 
a.[Country] AS COL7, a.[Fax] AS COL8, a.[Phone] AS COL9, a.[PostalCode] AS COL10, 
a.[Region] AS COL11 FROM [Customers] a 
WHERE a.[CustomerID] = 'ALFKI'

INSERT INTO [Customers] ([Address], [City], [CompanyName], [ContactName], [ContactTitle], 
[Country], [CustomerID], [Fax], [Phone], [PostalCode], [Region]) 
VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

UPDATE [Customers] SET [Fax]=? WHERE [CustomerID] = ? AND [Fax]=?

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