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Walkthrough: Preparing SQL Azure Account and Empty Database

In this exercise, you will step through provisioning your new SQL Azure account. You will then connect to that account and create a database.

To create a new SQL Azure account

  1. Go to the Windows Azure Portal.
  2. Login to your Windows Live account.
  3. Create a new server. The Location determines which datacenter the database will reside in.
  4. You will need to configure the firewall rules. The new firewall features allows a customer to specify a list of IP address that can access their SQL Azure Server. Your firewall will deny all connections by default, so be sure to configure your allow list so that existing clients can continue to connect.
  5. Create a new database named SofiaCarRental.

A detailed guide showing you how to create a new Azure database could be found here.

You now have a database server and a database created, and ready for the next steps in this section. This database can be connected to from anywhere in the world. n this task you create successfully a new instance of SQL Azure and added an empty database (SofiaCarRental) to SQL Azure. The next step is to connect to you instance of SQL Azure by using the SQL Server Management Studio.

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