Data Access has been discontinued. Please refer to this page for more information.

Setup Database Connection

This article is relevant to entity models that utilize the deprecated Visual Studio integration of Telerik Data Access. The current documentation of the Data Access framework is available here.

The Setup Database Connection screen allows you to setup the connection string to the database based on which the persistent classes and mapping configuration of the Fluent Model will be generated.

The Setup Database Connection dialog will appear only if the selected Fluent Model type is Populate from Database

On the Setup Database Connection you can perform the following configurations:

  • Choose Connection - choosing this option allows you to select an existing connection string or configure a new connection.
    • Connection - from this dropdown list you can select an already existing connection to the database to which the model will be mapped.
    • Add New Connection - allows you to configure a new connection to the database you wish to map to the model.
  • Set Connection Manually - choosing this option will allow you manually define the connection string yourself.
    • Connection String - in this textbox you can manually specify the connection string for the database you wish to use.
  • Connection String Name - allows you specify the name of the connection string.