Data Access has been discontinued. Please refer to this page for more information.

Attributes Editor - Overview

This article is relevant to entity models that utilize the deprecated Visual Studio integration of Telerik Data Access. The current documentation of the Data Access framework is available here.

With the Attributes Editor you can decorate your Domain Model classes and their members with attributes. Alternatively you can also use it remove already added attributes.

Starting the Attributes Editor

The Attributes Editor can be started from the properties window of a persistent class or property in the Visual Designer.

Attributes Editor

The Attributes Editor consists of a single screen from which you can add or remove attributes for a persistent class or property. On that screen you will find:

  • Attribute Field - in this text field you can input the attribute you wish to add. The field offers Auto-Complete functionality which can help you to quickly enter the required attribute. The attribute can be specified with or without its namespace and Attribute suffix. The specified attribute can optionally be surrounded with square braces.
  • Available Attributes Grid - it will display the namespace and name of all the attributes applied to the current persistent class or property. Using the button at the last column of the grid you can remove a specific attribute.

The changes made to the model by the Attributes Editor will be applied to the code once the model is saved.