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Online Technical Training

Telerik UI for Blazor includes a technical online training available to both its active trial and license holders. The training is part the Progress Telerik® Video Learning Platform and covers multiple topics related to application development for both Blazor as a framework and Telerik UI for Blazor components.

The training format and syllabus allow learning at your own pace and referring to topics of interest when needed. It provides a great way to onboard team members on Blazor and Telerik UI for Blazor and boosts developer productivity with hands-on experience for building a real-world application, along with multiple how-to topics and code examples.

To get started with the Telerik UI for Blazor online training, visit our learning portal with all All-Progress Products Virtual Classroom Courses or jump directly to Telerik UI for Blazor Online Training.

The Telerik UI for Blazor technical online training has an approximate duration of 2 hours, split into several modules with the following learning path:

  • Module 1: Introduction (Prerequisites, Resources, Tour of Demo Application for Telerik UI for ASP.NET Blazor)

  • Module 2: Getting Started with Blazor (Blazor Fundamentals, Blazor Hosting Models, Creating New Blazor Project, Component Basics, Code-Behind, Component Events, Two-Way Binding)

  • Module 3: Telerik UI for Blazor (Overview, Installation Approaches, Solution Structure, Styling with Themes, ThemeBuilder)

  • Module 4: Building Your First Blazor Application (Overview, Buttons and Icons, Form Inputs, Grid Component: Providing Data, Column Definitions, Templates, Paging and Sorting, Chart Component: Setup, Series, Axes, Styling, Calendar Component)

  • Module 5: Enhancing the Grid (Overview, Advanced Grid Features: Grouping, Filtering, Column Resizing and Reordering, Export to Excel)

  • Module 6: Enriching Your Blazor Application (Overview, Globalization and Localization, Accessibility, Document Processing and Reporting)

  • Module 7: Deploying Your Blazor Application (Overview, Deploying Server and WASM App to Azure)

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