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Efficient Keyboard Input

The Telerik date inputs take into account what you are typing in order to let you input data quickly and efficiently.

The input focuses the next date segment automatically when the input for the current segment uniquely and successfully identifies the value current segment.

You can change the focused segment through entering:

  • LeftArrow or RightArrow

  • the value of the input (for example, entering 12 for the month number)

  • the separator of the date segments.

    • The supported separators in the Telerik date editors - TelerikDateInput, TelerikDatePicker, TelerikDateTimePicker, and the TelerikTimePicker, are the forward-slash /, the comma ,, and the dot ..

Example scenarios when and how focus moves between date segments

In the example below, we will use the M/d/yyyy date format and take the month segment specifically to illustrate the component behavior.

  • When the user inputs a valid value - a digit or two digits that can successfully and uniquely form the month of the year.

    • If the input is two (2), the focus will automatically shift to the next date segment (the day), because there are no months with two digits that start with two (2).

    • If the value is one (1), the focus will not automatically shift to the next date segment (the day), because there are months with two digits that start with one (1) - such as January (1), October (10), November (11), and December (12).

  • By typing the separator in the input (/ in this example), or by using the LeftArrow / RightArrow keys on the keyboard.

    • This allows the user to quickly submit one (1) as a valid month without having to type 01 for January or wondering how to avoid typing a second digit because they don't want to enter 10, 11 or 12.

    • Providing a separator is an alternative to using the left / right arrows on the keyboard. This is useful when the user utilizes a numeric keyboard on a mobile device where no arrows are available.

This behavior allows the application users to quickly input a date in the editor, for example:

  • writing 21/2021 will be automatically formatted to a valid DateTime object - February 1, 2021 - the number 2 is a unique month and you don't have to do anything to move to the next segment, inputting the separator means you don't have to provide a two-digit date.

  • writing 1/2/2021 will be recognized as January 2, 2021 - inputting a first separators means you don't have to write a two-digit month or date.

  • writing 5222021 will be recognized as May 22, 2021 - inputting 5 uniquely identifies the month, and 22 uniquely identifies a date.

We recognize that there are many user experience patterns and ways that people want to write input, especially dates, considering that there are many formats for them. We chose the user experience described above because we believe it is the best common ground between automation, efficiency and control over the input. Unfortunately, there may be some users in your user base that seek a slightly different experience, and it is impossible for such a simple component to provide different ways for different users to interact with it - there would be no UI for the user to set their preferences, and if there were, it would make the UX too complicated for real world usage. Thus, we chose what we believe will work best for the majority of people.

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