Multicolumn Headers

The multicolumn headers of the TreeList represent a tree-like structure where one or more columns can be grouped together by a common header.

That common header in its turn can be a child of another upper MultiColumn header which can also span both columns and other headers. For more information, refer to the demo on implementing multicolumn headers.

columns.Group(group => group
    .Title("Personal Info")
    .Columns(info =>
        info.Add().Field(x => x.LastName).Width(120);
        info.Group(g => g
            .Columns(location =>
                location.Add().Field(c => c.City).Width(140);
                location.Add().Field(c => c.Country).Width(140);
        info.Add().Field(x => x.Phone);

The above definition will be presented in the following output:

Multi-column headers

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