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Defines the fluent API for configuring the TreeListColumnFilterableCellSettings settings.



Specifies the name of the field which will provide the text representation for the AutoComplete suggestion (when using String type column) when CustomDataSource is provided. By default the name of the field bound to the column will be used.


Specifies the delay of the AutoComplete widget which will provide the suggest functionality (when using String type column).


Specifies the width of the input before it is initialized or turned into a widget. Provides convenient way to set the width according to the column width.


Specifies the AutoComplete filter option. The possible values are the same as the ones for the AutoComplete filter option - "startswith", "endswith", "contains". The "contains" operator performs a case-insensitive search. To perform a case-sensitive filtering, set a custom filtering function through the dataSource.filter.operator option.


Specifies the minLength option of the AutoComplete widget when column is of type string.


When set to false the TreeList will not render the cell filtering widget for that specific column.


Specifies the default operator that will be used for the cell filtering.


Specifies whether to show or hide the DropDownList with the operators.


JavaScript function which will customize how the input for the filter value is rendered. The function receives an object argument with two fields: element - the default input inside the filter cell; or dataSource - a Kendo UI DataSource instance, which has the same settings as the TreeList dataSource, but will only contain data items with unique values for the current column. This instance is also used by the default AutoComplete widget, which is used inside the filter cell if no template is set. Keep in mind that the passed dataSource instance may still not be populated at the time the template function is called, if the TreeList uses remote binding..


Specifies a custom dataSource for the AutoComplete when the type of the column is string. Can be a JavaScript object which represents a valid data source configuration, a JavaScript array, or an existing instance.It is not recommended that you use the same dataSource instance for the TreeList and the AutoComplete because it causes negative side effects.If the dataSource options is missing, a new cloned instance of the TreeList's dataSource will be used.If the dataSource option is an existing instance, the widget will use that instance and will not initialize a new one.



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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