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The server side wrapper for Kendo UI Scheduler


Pdf - PDFSettings

Specifies if the Print dialog should be opened immediately after loading the document.

DataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

UrlGenerator - IUrlGenerator

Date - Nullable

StartTime - Nullable

EndTime - Nullable

Min - Nullable

Max - Nullable

WorkDayStart - Nullable

WorkDayEnd - Nullable

Height - Nullable

EventTemplate - String

EventTemplateId - String

AllDayEventTemplate - String

AllDayEventTemplateId - String

GroupHeaderTemplate - String

GroupHeaderTemplateId - String

AllDaySlot - Boolean

Selectable - Boolean

DateHeaderTemplate - String

DateHeaderTemplateId - String

MajorTick - Nullable

MajorTimeHeaderTemplate - String

MajorTimeHeaderTemplateId - String

MinorTickCount - Nullable

MinorTimeHeaderTemplate - String

MinorTimeHeaderTemplateId - String

Timezone - String

Width - Nullable

Snap - Boolean

AutoBind - Boolean

WorkWeekStart - Nullable

WorkWeekEnd - Nullable

ShowWorkHours - Boolean

Mobile - MobileMode

Editable - SchedulerEditableSettings

The template which renders the editor.

Resources - IList

Views - IList

ToolbarCommands - IList

Messages - SchedulerMessages

Group - SchedulerGroupSettings

The configuration of the scheduler resource(s). A scheduler resource is optional metadata that can be associated with a scheduler event.

CurrentTimeMarker - SchedulerCurrentTimeMarkerSettings

Sets the command which will be displayed in the scheduler footer. Currently only "workDay" option is supported. If the option is set to false, the "workDay" button will be removed from the footer.

WorkDays - Int32[]

Initializer - IJavaScriptInitializer

Events - IDictionary

Name - String

Id - String

ModelMetadata - ModelMetadata

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

ViewContext - ViewContext

ViewData - ViewDataDictionary

IsSelfInitialized - Boolean

IsInClientTemplate - Boolean

HasDeferredInitialization - Boolean

Selector - String




writer - System.IO.TextWriter


Renders the component.




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