Disabled Dates

The Calendar allows you to disable certain days which are not intended to be selected by the end user such as weekends, national holidays, and others.

To disable a date, either set an array or add a function.

Setting an Array

When you set an array, list the days that need to be disabled by using the first letters from their names in English.

    <kendo-calendar disable-dates="new DateTime[] { DateTime.Now.AddDays(2), DateTime.Now.AddDays(2) }" value="DateTime.Now" name="calendar">

        .DisableDates(new[] {DayOfWeek.Monday })

Adding a Function

When you add a function, determine its return value as true for the date that is disabled.

    <div class="demo-section k-content" style="text-align: center;">
        <kendo-calendar disable-dates-handler="disabledDatesHandler" value="DateTime.Now" name="calendar">

        function disabledDatesHandler(date) {
            var disabled = [13, 14, 20, 21];
            if (date && disabled.indexOf(date.getDate()) > -1) {
                return true;
            } else {
                return false;

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