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Icon Button

The Button can accommodate an icon that enhances the textual content.

The Button TagHelper provides a couple of attributes for configuring icons. Use only one of them with a particular Button instance. If you define multiple attributes, only one of them will take precedence (in the order listed below).

  • The icon attribute displays the appropriate Kendo UI for jQuery font icon as a content of a <span>:before pseudo element. You can completely omit the text for the Button content.

Alternatively, use the icon-class attribute to set a custom icon. It accepts a CSS class (or multiple space-separated CSS classes).

<kendo-button name="buttonDelete" type="button" icon="delete"></kendo-button>

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

<kendo-button name="buttonCustom" type="button" icon-class="fa fa-magic"></kendo-button>

  • The sprite-css-class attribute displays the icon as a background of a span element instead.

<kendo-button name="buttonEdit" type="button" sprite-css-class="myEditIcon"></kendo-button>

  • The Image icons are applied by using the image-url attribute and are displayed as an img element. The URL can be relative or absolute. In case it is relative, it will be evaluated with relation to the web page URL.

<kendo-button name="buttonImage" type="button" image-url="/shared/icons/sports/snowboarding.png"></kendo-button>

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