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Disabled Button

The business logic of an application often requires a certain button to be temporarily disabled or enabled.

By default, the Button is enabled, but you can disable it by any of the following methods:

  • Set the enable attribute to "false".

<kendo-button name="disabledButton" enable="false">Disabled button</kendo-button>

            .Content("Disabled button"))

  • Use either ViewData or ViewBag attributes. The example below illustrates a disabled Button through the ViewData attribute.

<kendo-button name="disabledButton" enable='(bool)@ViewData["IsEnabled"]'>Disabled button</kendo-button>

        public IActionResult Index()
            ViewData["IsEnabled"] = false;
            return View();

  • Disable the Button at runtime with JavaScript by using its enable() method with a Boolean argument.

<kendo-button name="editButton">Edit</kendo-button>

    var isAdmin = false;
    var buttonWidget = $("#editButton").data("kendoButton"); // Use the [``]( configuration option to get an instance of the Button TagHelper
    if(!isAdmin) {
        buttonWidget.enable(false); // disable the button
    } else {
        buttonWidget.enable(true);  // enable the button

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