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In addition the default layout, the Form component offers an option to use a Grid layout.

The Grid layout is supported only on modern browsers. Even so, not all browsers that support the Grid layout support all features.

Grid Layout

To use this layout, configure the grid tag, specify the number of columns and the gutter between them. The Form supports up to 12 columns.

    <grid  cols="2" gutter="20"/>

The following example shows the Form with grid layout set.

    <kendo-form name="exampleForm" form-data="@Model" method="POST" asp-action="Items">
        <validatable validate-on-blur="true" validation-summary="true" />
        <grid  cols="2" gutter="20"/>
            <form-item type="group">
                <item-label text="Registration Form" />
                    <form-item field="TextBox">
                        <item-label text="TextBox:"/>
                        <textbox-editor placeholder="TextBox"></textbox-editor>
                    <form-item field="NumericTextBox">
                        <item-label text="NumericTextBox:" />

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