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The Rating displays a label by default that shows the current value out of the max value in the format 3 / 5. If the widget does not have a selected value, the label will not be displayed initially and will be toggled after an item is selected.

Default Label

    <kendo-rating name="rating" min="1" max="6" value="3"></kendo-rating>

Customizing the Label

Customizing the text of the label could be achieved through the Label.TemplateId property.

By default, the template automatically receives the value and maxValue in the data object. This allows those properties to be used inside the template through the Kendo UI Templates syntax.

    <kendo-rating name="rating" min="1" max="6" value="3">
        <label template-id="rating-label-template" />

    <script id="rating-label-template" type="text/x-kendo-template">
            #: value # out of #: maxValue #

Disabling the Label

Setting the Label property to false prevents the label from, being displayed.

    <kendo-rating name="rating" min="1" max="6" value="3">
        <label enabled="false" />

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