NumericTextBox Tag Helper Overview

The NumericTextBox tag helper helps you configure the Kendo UI NumericTextBox widget in ASP.NET Core applications.

Basic Usage

The following example demonstrates how to define the NumericTextBox by using the NumericTextBox tag helper.

    <kendo-numerictextbox name="numeric"></kendo-numerictextbox>

You can also bind the NumericTextBox to a particular model field by using the for attribute. This is equivalent to using the Html.Kendo().NumericTextBoxFor<decimal>() HtmlHelper.

    @model Kendo.Mvc.Examples.Models

    <kendo-numerictextbox for="CustomerID"></kendo-numerictextbox>


The NumericTextBox tag helper supports all the configuration options that the HtmlHelper does. They are passed as attributes of the tag.


        <kendo-numerictextbox name="currency" format="c" min="0"
            enable="true" max="100" value="30">

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