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Razor Pages Integration

All Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core components are compatible with the ASP.NET Razor Pages framework.

Scaffolding Templates

You can scaffold a Razor Pages sample which contains an ASP.NET Core Grid with enabled CRUD operations by using the Telerik UI Create New Project Wizard. To get started with the Wizard, refer to the article on creating projects.

Sample Applications

The sample Razor Pages samples which demonstrate the usage of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core components are located in the ASP.NET Core Examples repository on GitHub.

Anti-request Forgery

Razor pages are automatically protected from XSRF/CSRF. This is why, when you bind a Telerik component to page methods, you need to pass an antiforgery token, in order to validate the request. For that purpose, you can use kendo.antiForgeryTokens();. More on the anti-request forgery could be found on Microsoft documentation

Known Limitations

Razor Pages use Page in their routing mechanism which interferes with GET requests made by the Kendo UI DataSource. As a result, only POST requests should be used when paging is required.

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