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Kendo UI Sortable component



If set to true the widget will auto-scroll the container when the mouse/finger is close to the top/bottom of it.


Selector which determines if items from the current Sortable widget can be accepted from another Sortable container(s). The connectWith option describes one way relationship, if the developer wants a two way connection then the connectWith option should be set on both widgets.


The cursor that will be shown while user drags sortable item.


If set, specifies the offset of the hint relative to the mouse cursor/finger. By default, the hint is initially positioned on top of the draggable source offset. The option accepts an object with two keys: top and left.


Selector that determines which items are disabled. Disabled items cannot be dragged but are valid sort targets.


Selector that determines which items are sortable. Filtered items cannot be dragged and are not valid sort targets.


Selector that determines which element will be used as a draggable handler. If a handler is defined, the user will be able to move the Sortable items only if the cursor/finger is positioned onto the handler element.


Suitable for touch oriented user interface, in order to avoid collision with the touch scrolling gesture. When set to true, the item will be activated after the user taps and holds the finger on the element for a short amount of time. The item will also be activated by pressing, holding and lifting the finger without any movement. Dragging it afterwards will initiate the drag immediately.


Selector that determines which elements inside the sorted item's container will be ignored. Useful if the sortable item contains input elements.


Represents the Sortable widget Axis



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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