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Kendo UI ListBox component



If set to false, the widget will not bind to the data source during initialization. In this case, the data binding will occur when the change event of the data source is fired. By default, the ListBox will bind to the data source that is specified in the configuration.


The id of the target ListBox to which items from the source ListBox will be transferred and vice versa. If you have to transfer items from the target ListBox over its toolbar, then you also need to set its connectWith option.


The field of the data item that provides the text content of the list items. Based on this field, the widget filters the data source.


The field of the data item that provides the value of the widget.


Indicates whether the ListBox items can be dragged and dropped.


Array of id strings which determines the ListBoxes that can drag and drop their items to the current ListBox. The dropSources option describes a one way relationship. If you want a two-way connection, then set the dropSources option on both widgets.

Indicates whether the keyboard navigation is enabled or disabled.


Defines the localization texts for the ListBox. Used primarily for localization.


Specifies the item template of the ListBox.


The id of the script element used for Template


Defines the settings for displaying the toolbar of the ListBox. The toolbar allows you to execute a set of predefined actions.By default, the toolbar is not displayed. If the tools array is populated, then the toolbar and the corresponding tools are displayed.


Represents the selectable options.



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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