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MemberType - Type

Groupable - Boolean

GroupableSettings - GridBoundColumnGroupableSettings

AdditionalViewData - Object

Metadata - ModelMetadata

EditorTemplateName - String

Editable - ClientHandlerDescriptor

A Razor template delegate.

ClientGroupHeaderTemplate - String

ClientGroupHeaderColumnTemplate - String

Value - Func

Expression - Expression

Sortable - Boolean

Filterable - Boolean

FilterableSettings - GridBoundColumnFilterableSettings

The UI filter role.

SortableSettings - GridBoundColumnSortableSettings

If set to true the user can click the column header and sort the grid by the column field when sorting is enabled. If set to false sorting will be disabled for this column. By default all columns are sortable if sorting is enabled via the sortable option.

HideOnGroup - Boolean

Format - String

EditorHtml - String

Grid - Grid

Gets the selection configuration

Member - String

Exportable - GridColumnExportableSettings

If set to false the column will be excluded from the exported Excel/PDF files.

Title - String

Width - String

Media - String

MinScreenWidth - Int32

MinResizableWidth - Int32

ClientHeaderTemplate - String

ClientTemplate - String

ClientTemplateId - String

ClientFooterTemplate - String

ClientGroupFooterTemplate - String

Hidden - Boolean

IncludeInMenu - Boolean

Locked - Boolean

Lockable - Boolean

Draggable - Boolean

Sticky - Boolean

Stickable - Boolean

ColumnMenu - Boolean

Encoded - Boolean

HeaderHtmlAttributes - IDictionary

FooterHtmlAttributes - IDictionary

Visible - Boolean

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

IsLast - Boolean




helper - Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Rendering.IHtmlHelper
encoder - System.Text.Encodings.Web.HtmlEncoder


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