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Kendo UI DropDownList component


DataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

DataSourceId - String

SelectedIndex - Nullable

Animation - PopupAnimation

AutoBind - Nullable

AutoWidth - Nullable

CascadeFrom - String

CascadeFromField - String

CascadeFromParentField - String

DataTextField - String

DataValueField - String

Delay - Nullable

Enable - Nullable

EnforceMinLength - Nullable

FilterTitle - String

FixedGroupTemplate - String

FixedGroupTemplateId - String

FooterTemplate - String

FooterTemplateId - String

Label - DropDownListLabelSettings

Sets the inner HTML of the label.

GroupTemplate - String

GroupTemplateId - String

Height - Nullable

IgnoreCase - Nullable

Messages - DropDownListMessagesSettings

The text message shown in the noDataTemplate when no data is available in the widget drop-down.

MinLength - Nullable

NoDataTemplate - String

NoDataTemplateId - String

Defines a jQuery selector that will be used to find a container element, where the popup will be appended to.

OptionLabel - Object

OptionLabelTemplate - String

OptionLabelTemplateId - String

HeaderTemplate - String

HeaderTemplateId - String

Template - String

TemplateId - String

ValueTemplate - String

ValueTemplateId - String

Text - String

Value - String

ValuePrimitive - Nullable

Virtual - DropDownListVirtualSettings

Specifies the height of the virtual item. All items in the virtualized list must have the same height. If the developer does not specify one, the framework will automatically set itemHeight based on the current theme and font size.

Filter - Nullable

Size - Nullable

Rounded - Nullable

FillMode - Nullable

Events - IDictionary

Id - String

Initializer - IJavaScriptInitializer

IsInClientTemplate - Boolean

IsSelfInitialized - Boolean

HasDeferredInitialization - Boolean

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

HtmlHelper - IHtmlHelper

ModelMetadataProvider - IModelMetadataProvider

Name - String

Explorer - ModelExplorer

Selector - String

IdPrefix - String

ViewContext - ViewContext

ValueProvider - IValueProvider

UrlGenerator - IUrlGenerator

HtmlEncoder - HtmlEncoder



Serialize current instance to Dictionary



writer - System.IO.TextWriter


Renders the component.






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