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Telerik.Windows.Documents.Flow.Model.Fields Namespace
Public classCompareField
Represents a COMPARE field.
Public classComparisonFieldBase
A base class for fields with comparison argument.
Public classCustomCodeField
A field element with configurable code part.
Public classDateField
Represents a date field.
Public classDocumentVariableField
Represents a DOCVARIABLE field.
Public classExpressionField
Represents an expression field.
Public classField
A base class for fields that can produce result fragment.
Public classFieldCharacter
Field character is a special character which delimits the start and end of a field or separates its field codes from its current field result.
Public classFieldInfo
An class that holds information of a filed that is inserted in the document.
Public classHyperlink
A hyperlink field.
Public classIfField
Represents an IF field.
Public classMergeField
A merge field.
Public classParseErrorField
Represents an instance of ParseErrorField.
Public classTimeField
Represents a time field.
Public enumerationFieldCharacterType
Specifies the type of the a field character.