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Telerik.Windows.Controls.GanttView Namespace
Public classCellContainer
Public classCellContainerCellProxy
Public classCellContainerBase
Public classCellEditingContainer
Public classCellHighlightContainer
Public classCellInfo
Public classColumnDefinition
This class represents a GanttView column definition. A collection of ColumnDefinitions is used for describing the tree-list part of the GanttView control.
Public classColumnDefinitionBase
Public classColumnDefinitionCollection
Public classColumnDefinitionGroup
Public classColumnHeaderContainer
Represents a UI of a column header.
Public classCriticalPathProperties
Public classDeadlineContainer
Public classDefaultGanttTimeLineVisualizationBehavior
Public classDefaultTimeLineContainerSelector
Public classDependency
Public classDependencyIndicator
Public classDragRelationSlotContainer
Class representing the container drawing the relation item.
Public classDragResizeMilestoneSlotHighlightContainer
Class representing the container drawing the dragged milestone item.
Public classDragResizeSlotHighlightContainer
Class representing the container drawing the dragged regular task item.
Public classDragResizeSlotHighlightContainerProxy
Public classDragResizeSummarySlotHighlightContainer
Class representing the container drawing the dragged summary item.
Public classDropReorderHighlightContainer
Public classEventContainer
Public classEventDecoratorContainer
Public classEventDecoratorInfo
Public classEventProxy
Public classGanttDataConverter
Public classGanttDragDependenciesBehavior
The class for drag-drop linking operation behaviors for the RadGanttView control.
Public classGanttDragDropBehavior
The behavior class responsive for the drag-drop operation in the RadGanttView control.
Public classGanttDragResizeVisualCue
Public classGanttDragResizeVisualProvider
Public classGanttDragVisualCueContentTemplateSelector
Public classGanttGroupHeaderContainer
Public classGanttItemsContainerSelector
Public classGanttItemsPresenter
Public classGanttSettingsContainer
Public classGanttTask
Represents the objects displayed from RadGanttView control. Every task can be a milestone, summary and a regular task.
Public classGanttViewGroupDescription
Public classImageExportingService
Provides basic functionality for exporting images from RadGanttView.
Public classImageExportSettings
These settings are used for exporting images using ImageExportingService.
Public classImageInfo
Represents wrapper which helps exporting images.
Public classMilestoneContainer
Public classOnTimeIndicatorContainer
Public classRelationContainer
Public classRelationContainerArrowProxy
Public classRelationInfo
Public classRelationSlot
Class representing a slot of the dragged relation.
Public classSimpleCellContainer
Public classSimpleTreeCellContainer
Public classSummaryContainer
Public classTaskEditedEventArgs
Public classTaskEditingEventArgs
Public classTreeCellContainer
Public classTreeCellEditingContainer
Public classTreeCellHighlightContainer
Public classTreeColumnDefinition
Public interfaceIDependant
Public interfaceIDependency
Interface representing objects that define relation between two tasks.
Public interfaceIGanttTask
Defines basic methods and properties of a gantt task.
Public interfaceIImageExporter
Interface that provides the image exporter object which is returned after callingBeginExporting(ImageExportSettings) method.
Public interfaceIMilestone
Interface representing objects that can be set as a milestone.
Public interfaceISummary
Interface representing objects that can be a summary and can have children.
Public enumerationArrowType
TODO: Update summary.
Public enumerationDependencyType
Represents the type of relation between two tasks, such as finish to start, start to finish, start to start, and finish to finish.
Public enumerationGanttArea
Enumerates the areas in RadGanttView control. This enum is used in ImageExportSettings.