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MinFunction Methods

The MinFunction type exposes the following members.

Public methodCreateAggregateExpression
Creates the aggregate expression that is used for constructing expression tree that will calculate the aggregate result.
(Inherited from EnumerableSelectorAggregateFunction.)
Protected methodGenerateFunctionName
Generates default name for this function using this type's name.
(Inherited from EnumerableSelectorAggregateFunction.)
Protected methodGetAggregationValue (Inherited from EnumerableSelectorAggregateFunction.)
Public methodMerge
Merges the specified item into the aggregate result according to the specified action.
(Overrides AggregateFunctionMerge(Object, AggregateResultMergeAction, AggregateResult, QueryableCollectionViewGroup).)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged
Raise PropertyChanged Event.
(Inherited from AggregateFunction.)
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